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Connecting bluetooth to car for media j6

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Not sure if I have the right place for this discussion post but it seemed most relevant.

I have a j6 and can connect to my 2011 Nissan qashqai for calls via bluetooth but cannot figure out how to stream music. In the bluetooth options when connected to my car it says connected for calls only

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Hi there, @Kdogkeith.


First things first, let's make sure that your phone is completely up to date. Settings > Software Update > Update Now.


What app are you using to stream music? Are you able to stream music to the car using other phones? Have you tried connecting an AUX cable to play the music? 


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Yes fully updated, last update was 27th of may

Using a Samsung j6 have tried other phones also. So far have only tried spotify for music purposes but have looked at YouTube videos while the phone is connected 

Haven't used an aux cable yet as I would rather stream wirelessly through bluetooth 

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