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Change Language, Samsung Pay

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My Samsung Pay app is in French. 


My device was purchased unlocked and has been used by a UK SIM and connected to UK WiFi and data network.


How can I force a change of language?



AndrewL Moderator
@Ali_Lumsden: Where did you purchase the phone from? It sounds as though you have a device that was intended for use in France, in which case certain services and features will show up in French due to software variances that exist in our products from region to region. As a workaround you can try going to Settings > Language and Input > Language > Add Language > English to see if this helps.
TracyR Moderator

@Ali_Lumsden, are you still having the issue?

Have you been able to try the steps that @AndrewL provided? 


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At least if you go to buy an iPhone and look at the sealed box, it says outside of the box: "This product in intended for use on the following countries..." and you know if you should buy the product or not. I got 2 Samsungs (one S7 some years ago and one A8 2018 last week) from a store in my country. One has a Spanish Samsung Pay, and the other has Russian Samsung Pay (and Yandex app and other Russian apps). And my country is not Spain or Russia. How am I supposed to know if my new Samsung that I bought from a reputable store was supposed to be for my region or not? In the EULA I'm supposed to agree with the terms and conditions of use if I open the sealed box. But if I don't open it, there is no indication outside of the box that it would be in Russian or Spanish or French or whatever, and not intended for use in my country. I understand that something like this could happen if I travel to Dubai and buy a cheap Samsung from there, I understand that this could happen if I buy from eBay, but I don't accept if from a brand new Samsung phone, bought from a huge store in my own country, and not being able to change the apps to my language.
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