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Can't sign in into my Samsung Account in the Galaxy Wearable App on my Galaxy S5


It still doesn't work at all.

Gear S2 + Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer. Watch is correctly paired and receives notifications, but cannot log in with my Samsung account. So, I cannot download apps or faces. Very frustrating.


Can't seem to open the solution post. Do you have a link?

Can't seem to open this. Do you have a link?
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Hi everybody, I have the same problem now with my Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE520KL) that is currently connected with my Galaxy Watch but not able to sign in in my Samsung Account.

I'm not able to download/buy anything in the store and my watch is working a half.

I.E. Samsung decided to not to preload a stopwatch in the Galaxy Watch and I cannot get one in the store... so I have a different-hundred-dollars watch but... no stopwatch on it and I must use the smartphone for this. Quite frustrating...

Anyone can help with this issue?

Thank you very much

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Just remove all your SIM cards and sign in. If it works let me know

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