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Can't sign in into my Samsung Account in the Galaxy Wearable App on my Galaxy S5


I unfortunately reset my Samsung Galaxy S5 yesterday and now I can't sign in into my Samsung Account in the Galaxy Wearable App. It worked fine in Samsung Health, but in the Wearable App (or the Store) I just shows an empty white popup.


Once, I don't know how I got there, it showed the message "Error: 3015".


I already tried reinstalling the App multiple times, which always requires new pairing with my Gear S3, but without my Samsung Account I can't restore my settings for it.


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I try today and its working now

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This same thing is happening to me. The app must be broken. Screenshot_20190418-162735.png


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I have the same problem.

Just a white blank screen....

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This needs a fix asap. I just got the watch and I cannot do anything with it!!!!

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Same for me 


Probably a login server problem 

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I just called and after 40 min of holding and getting disconnected, someone at their gear application desk told me they're working on it. 


No need to call about it, theyllt just be rude and unhelpful, but hopefully we get a fix in the next few days

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Same here, factory reset and still the same...


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same problem from turkey

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Same issue on my gear s3. I live in Turkey and using oneplus 5t. Please fix it asap i cant use my watchScreenshot_20190420-000024.jpg


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It's almost a relief I thought it was just me

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