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Can't download Samsung pay on galaxy s10 and on galaxy watch active 2

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Hey, I bought a samsung galaxy watch active 2 and now I want to use Samsung pay. But I can't download samsung pay on my phone and on my watch.


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AsadM Moderator
@Nerijus: Samsung Pay is available in the UK and will work with supporting Bank Providers. It won't be available while you're in a region that doesn't support this.

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AndrewL Moderator
@Flex05: I recommend registering Samsung Pay on your Galaxy S10 via the Galaxy Wearables app, which will then link to your Galaxy Watch Active 2 when connected, allowing you to make NFC payments.
1. On your Mobile Device, launch Galaxy Wearable App
2. Tap OPEN SAMSUNG PAY and follow the on-screen instruction to complete your card registration
3. To make a payment on your Galaxy Watch Active 2, press and hold the Back key
4. Scroll through the cards list, select a card and tap PAY
5. Place your Galaxy Watch Active 2 close to the Card Reader
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Thanks for reply, but in the galaxy wearable app, there is no samsung pay...Screenshot_20191117-105110_Watch Active2 Plugin.jpg


Screenshot_20191117-105117_Watch Active2 Plugin.jpg



I have the same situation.

AsadM Moderator
Hi @Nerijus. Have you tried going through the steps @AndrewL had posted on hear about a week ago? Do you also have the Galaxy Watch Active 2?

Hi AsadM, yes I have Galaxy Watch Active 2, my phone is galaxy S9+. I have the same view, as Flex05 added. There is no samsung pay app (in Galaxy Wearable).


AsadM Moderator
@Nerijus. Thanks for confirming this. Have you searched the Gear App store to see if the Samsung Pay app is available to download? Where did you buy your Galaxy watch Active 2 from? Also, is the software on the watch up to date? You can check this in Settings > Watch Software update.


Dear @Asad,

In Gear app store i can't find samsung pay app. Watch was buyed in Europe and software is up to date. Please find pictures:

active 2 firmware.jpg

active 2 firmware2.png

AntS Moderator

Hi guys,


Samsung Pay availability on a device depends on the country rather than overall region. Which countries did you buy your devices from/are you based in?


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I have buy my devices in Lithuania, but I am Living in UK. I understand, that in this country Samsung pay not available. Could you please answer it will work then I back home to UK?

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