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Bixby says I'm too young!

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So any time I try to allow Bixby for 'customisation' and hit next, I get a message to say 'you're too young to use customisation services'. Not that I'm assuming that there are moderators on here, but I can tell you I am not too young for anything (I may regret that remark). Point being, I've looked at my Samsung and Google accounts at which it could link a date of birth, and I'm satisfied they are now set correctly.  However, I am still too young apparently. Any thoughts?

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Maybe it's your youthful looks, @Helios0414


Not seen that Bixby messaging myself before, but apparently some S9+ peeps on the US Community have also encountered this one over the past few days. I've asked our software team, and they're looking into it. Me or one of the other Mods will let you know what they find. 


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Make sure your Samsung account has your correct date of birth in it. Mine did not, but after I updated it, I was able to turn on Bixby.

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Done. Still not working. Questioning whether Bixbie is worth the effort here

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