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Bixby routines don't work properly

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Bixby routines is the best feature since Galaxy S1, however it does not work as expected. Quite often routines which were triggered by geo location don't get turned off when the phone has left that location. Even when you are already a few km away. Also, when the routine gets turned off it doesn't restore the previos state of the device configuration. Has anybody tested the app at all before release? The support keeps insisting that there is something wrong with the phone location sensor itself, but I don't think this is the case, as all other apps work well and receive the location. Also, they say, that probably there are some apps which interfere with Bixby and again, I seriously doubt that this is possible. It's hard to imagine how some app can prevent Bixby logic to obtain "locationChanged" event from the location manager. In any case, my Galaxy S10 is brand-new and there are no third parties at all. And, just in case some devs read this, it would be amazing to implement an ability to invert the trigger's logic, e.g. to be able to do something like - if (!myLocation.atHome){...} and it would be nice if the accuracy of the trigger could be set <= 200m and not 2000m as it is now. Thanks.

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I've had this problem too.  

Bixby Routines won't realise I'm home and turn on my WiFi and sound. I have to manually open the screen to adjust the Routine where my location is visible or some other app that shows me on the map (like Google Maps or a run tracker), and then Bixby suddenly carries out the routine. I've even tried to disable Fusion Location's battery optimisation but to no avail. I can't understand why this is happening. 

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