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robot vacuums-- are they any good?

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Does anyone use one of these? I am thinking of getting one, but they're pretty expensive. My house has wooden floors, but it also has two very hairy cats. :catvery-happy: :catembarrassed: Will it just get gunged up with cat hair and not suck anything up until I clean it out? 


This site seems to rate the Samsung one pretty highly for pet owners. What do you think?  

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It's more likely to get tangled up in cords or, in my case, legos on the floor. :smileyvery-happy:



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I really do not advise the cyber vacuums, since I find them don't perform effectively enough. I think that they will get much better behavior enhancement after several years, 5-6 approx., but now you'd better stick to any modern type of cleaner option. I have3 push vacuums a dyson, shark and a dirt devil, because I foster and am too lazy to haul one vacuum up 3 floors, BUT I love my IBob! He picks up sand, cat litter, animal fur, etc. He also entertains my cats by giving them a free ride around the house. When done, "Bob" will actually find his way "home" to the charger so he can do the same thing the next day. It really makes a difference. I don't need to sweep or vacuum every day thanks to "Bob".


Here a few informational sources you may check which help you to learn more about what robot and cordless vacuum cleaner to pick for your home! From my personal practice, Shark and Dyson are top brands to choose from.  


Keep your house in a clean state! 

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