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fridge stays on 9 degrees, and black melted foam on the copper pipe

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Hi @jeantay.


What model fridge do you have? How long have you had it? And have you contacted Samsung's Home Appliance Support team?


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its a rr8fdmg, yes they cannot help me


How long have you had the fridge for? Did the support team say why they could not assist you? 

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 3 years, they said i could ring the service engineers to fix it, but I wanted to fix it myself, I wanted to know if I could put some insulated foam over the copper pipe, I managed to get the melted stuff off, its inside the door of the fridge,  I took the back panel off which revealed the metal part with a copper pipe and a thinnet copper pipe running from it, it had duck tape over the foam and pipe. I think its the defrost heater I might be wrong, it looks like this hqdefault (1).jpg its the black tape on the left over the thinnet copper wire.

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