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dual oven flex grill not getting hot enough

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When i use the grill function on the NV75N5641RS/eu dual oven the grill never seems to reach the required default temp (250)

toast can take anything upto 10-12 min to lightly toast one side. By the time its its toasted, its so dry its hardly edible. 

Is this a design fault, applience fault or user fault?

If its the latter, can someone explain how to use the grill properly?


Hi @Azzarh 


Here is a snippet from the user manual (page 29). You can view the full manual here




















Please check to see if you are using the same accessory, level, type of heating and temperature as advised. Hope this helps! 



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Hi we have the same issue with the grill function it takes forever to get hot. Did you find a solution or os it potentially defective. We have had ours since October 2018.

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