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cotton wash cycle samsung washing machine

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Hi, had washing machine for a year and have noticed when I put on a cotton wash, the machine weighs the load and sets a wash time. Yep all good, but about 15mins into the wash, the set wash time dramatically falls. For example, put a towel wash on, machine set time for 2hr 17mins, after about 15 mins, wash time fell to 56mins. this happends on every cotton wash regardless of weight. Is this normal ?,  as I'm thinking " it never use to do that". Also another example, put a cotton king bed matress protector on, as being heavy, wash time sets to about 2hrs 40mins, again after a short time wash time falls to about an hour and ten. Considering before machine weighs load, a cotton cycle default time is about 3hrs. Every cotton wash I put on, does not get near that, but you would think a heavy matress protector would. Any thoughts welcome

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can anyone run a cotton wash cycle, to comfirm their machine does the same. 

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I find that the cotton cycle starts off at 3hrs and after a few spins and the water  filled tub, the time drops down (assuming weight based) to shorter time sometimes 1.5hrs

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