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Water Dispenser not stopping in time!! What a mess!!!!

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I have purchased the RS50N3513SA American Fridge Freezer as my old model went wrong and couldn't be fixed. The new model has a water and ice dispenser like our old one. The problem we have is that when you dispense a glass of water when you take the glass away the water does not stop in time so you end up with it missing the glass and making a mess. With 2 kids who really like helping themselves to water this is proving to be a real pain. We contacted the manufacturer who sent out the repair man. He saw the problem and ordered a new dispenser and came and fitted it but it didn't solve the problem so was going to return and fit another part the next day. Unfortunately he didn't come back so we had to arrange another service man to come out and he said that there is nothing that can be done and that this is a problem with all new fridges of this type and he's keeps getting called out from unhappy customers!
Is there anything that can be done or is this just a terrible water dispenser that is not fir for purpose. We would never have purchased this if we had know about this problem. It is so annoying and we have to have a cloth under neath all the time to mop up the over spill. 

Hi @ben100 


Did you manage to find a fix for this or is the issue still happening?

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