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Washer vibrates so much it moves


New washer kept moving sideways out of line.  Three service/installation calls, multiple balance and adjust the feet and gave up by replacing it with another, same model.  Now I have it one day and it moved about 3 1/2 inches sideways touching the dryer.  I cannot move it as it is too huge.  I am washing the same stuff I washed in my old washer and never had this problem before.  What's up with this?  I called Samsung but they can only send another rep out again.  I am not hopeful they can figure it out.  I did run "smart care" but according to this list, there is a glitch in the app so I can't depend on this either.  I need to decide quickly if I will give up on this set and return the whole set before my return period is up.

DannyT Moderator

Hi there, @SMW.


Could you try out the steps located in this guide? Then let us know how you get on. 


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