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WW6800 touch screen display

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Good morning / afternoon.


I have a new WW6800 washine machine and find the touch screen display incrediably / annoyingly sensitive.  you can just brush clothing lightly on it and the mashine will turn off and reset.


more frustrating is that most mornings now the machine will not even turn on, you literally have to turn off the plug socket and turn it back on to make it work.


is anyone else having this issue / know what the problem is?


thank you in advance for any support.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Dwellernet.


How long have you had your washing machine and where did you buy it from? Has it always been like this or is this something that's just started?

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Thanks for your reply.


Brought in march from currys and always had this problem.


Currys support goes straight to Samsung.


First time Samsung engineer came advised it was the type of panel and light causing it, however he had never worked on a qdrive before.


Thanks for your time and any advice.



ChrisM Moderator

it may be best to speak to one of our Domestic Appliance specialists, who can run through some troubleshooting with you. You can contact them using any of the any of the options shown here.

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