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WF80F5E5U4X EcoBubble Washing Machine Issue

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I'm having trouble with my washing machine. The model is WF80F5E5U4X. The washing machine kept stopping in the middle of the cycle and switching itself off. It would turn itself back on and try to complete the cycle but would switch off again without completeing the cycle. It kept repeating this. I plugged it out and cleaned out the debris filter.

I plugged it back in and the same issue occurred again, even when i emptied the drum and put it on the drum clean cycle. Now the washing machine will not turn on. No error messages were displayed during any of these issues.


Does anyone know what the problem might be?



ChrisM Moderator

Hi @steoneill161.


Could you confirm for us when saying the washing machine will not turn on, are the lights on? Does it indicate power is getting to the machine?

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Hi Chris,
So there were no lights on and it appeared as if there was no power getting to the washing machine. The next day I attempted to switch on the washing machine and it turned on fine. But again the same issue with the cycle not completing and it switching itself off.

Hey @steoneill161.

Looks like we need one of our Product Specialists on the case. 

Could you give our Support Team a call on: 0330 726 7864


I too have the same issue but have been told by Samsung to call an engineer, net result £250 repair bill on a £549 machine 3 years old. Good value for money?

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I'm having the same issues as you aswell. My washing machine is approximately 2 years old aswell and it's not washing at all . When I went on Google last night it seems with this model we are all having this issue. It's obviously a fault with them if at 2 years old we are all in the same position. It's not as if it's a cheap washing machine. Not happy at all. I thought I couldn't go wrong with Samsung.


We have this washing machine and it has suddenly stopped working.  We cannot turn it on at all - no lights or anything.  We have had an engineer to look at it and have been told that it's a problem with the main control board.  We are waiting for a quote to fix it and are expecting it to be the same price as a new washing machine.  The machine is less than 3 years old but out of warranty :(

Very disappointed as it wasn't cheap.  Would like to hear what Samsung have to say if, as it seems, it is a common problem.


The same thing happened to us twice with in 3 years!! Luckily the first time was covered by warranty. They are easier to change yourself and order the parts from espares. There is obviously a problem with Samsung control boards that they need to standup to and resolve. 


That's useful to know - thanks for posting.  Can you remember how much you paid for the new control panel?


£147 inc vat and delivery for an eco bubble. Good luck. 

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