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WF45H6300 buttons not working but powers up

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I have searched the forum and unable to find a solution that sorts my issue. My washer powers up but the buttons will not change load type and no other buttons will work. I have went thru steps for child lock and this did not work. I can turn child lock on/off. I have reset by pressing start/stop key 5 seconds but this did not work. 

The buttons will work sometimes if I leave unplugged for a long time but not always. Only other icon illuminated looks to be a hourglass above the wash arrow on font led display. Any ideas?

DannyT Moderator

Hi there, @Jincitti.


We've just had a look around for something that might help, but it seems you've tried everything from this guide.


As this is the case we'd advise calling through to our Support Team so they can look at arranging an inspection for you. You can contact them on 0330 726 7864. 


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