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Samsung WF80F5E0W2W/EU making holes in washing

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I have the exat same issue with my machine as well, not only is making holes in clothes it is also snagging and tearing most of my wifes shear type tops. I have noticed when taking washing out of the machie that sometimes the drum is very stiff to move while others it is extremely easy.


Hey @Phill1!


We'd recommend contacting our Support Team so we're able to look into this for you. You can get in touch with us via the link.




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I have the exact same problem. All my t-shirts made of thin fabric are coming out with tiny little holes. This happened from the first wash. Only seems to not happen if i wash everything on delicate cycle which doesnt get it as clean as i want. Again this never happened on my previous much cheaper Hotpoint machine! I have spoken to Samsung support who have told me to wash everything in bags and refer to the manual as they will have to charge me if i call someone out to look and they cant find a fault. It's so frustrating. My machine is WW90J6410CW.

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I must respond to this. I’ve been using my Samsung for under two years and every shirt in my closet has holes in it. I’ve had a repair guy in so don’t bother they find nothing wrong with it and I believe the person who said it’s design flaw and  the holes in the drum are punched through and probably jagged inside the other side is right. This is ridiculous how much clothes this machine has wrecked I again today  pulled a new sweater out which I threw in the garbage because it had five large holes in it I’m done with this machine and any other Samsung product other than their Tv’s. No one replied to my email because this is obviously a huge problem. My friend has the same issue with her Samsung also. As if I need a washing machine that shreds clothes and nobody at the company standing behind it or explaining why the problem is happening. My other girlfriend has an LG  with zero wrecked clothes after 10 years bye bye Samsung. Hello LG. What a piece of garbage this machine is

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my Whole closet is full of holy shirts thanks to my Samsung. I just threw out a brand new sweater it shredded. What a piece of garbage this machine is. I’ve heard multiple people having problems. Repair guy unable to find anything wrong. go Figure. Bye bye Samsung. Hello LG. My girlfriend has been using her LG for 10 years. ZERO wrecked clothes. When I email Samsung.. no answer. 

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My whole closet is holy shirts. Piece of ***** machine Samsung is. Should have known when one of their newer models blew apart. Bye bye Samsung. Hello LG. My friend has zero wrecked clothes with her machine
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Sorry to read that you too have experienced holes in clothing. I was given the run around by Samsung initially. Zips, hooks etc. in machine that was causing the holes, I don't think so... Eventually I posted on their Facebook site a post that said that their machine was making holes, this prompted a private message. After a short while Samsung sent an engineer who replaced the drum, rubber and motherboard (the digital display). I must say that since then no holes. They might well have just replaced the whole machine. I still cannot control the speed of the spin during the cycle but can control the 'last' spin which is not ideal. Don't want 1200 spin on my washing I wanted a slow spin as I thought this was causing the holes. Still get the odd sock fall into the rubber but after a while it gets dragged back into the wash. I hope your LG isn't causing any problems. Thanks for putting up the post, it gives me faith that I am not on my own. My family was getting bored with my constant moaning about my washing machine.
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Haha! My family is getting bored with it  too. They are also getting bored of multiple holes in their clothing. I actually can’t believe this. I thought I was crazy too until I see all these posts. My clothes are all so wrecked. Multiple holes all in the bottoms of my shirts. There’s no way it’s anything else but the machine when you put in a bunch of T-shirt’s no pants no zips no buttons and yet three items come out with new holes in them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out it’s the machine! Garbage! 

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I have WW90K5410UW And I’m appalled at how much my clothes have been destroyed. I have spent €700 on this washing Machine. I have holes in my clothes, the elastics are loose (unwearable), they shrink. The whites are no longer white but a dull gray and when the clothes come out of a spin they are flooded with water. Coloured clothes come out dull. Apparently according to your repair man there is no problem with the machine and it is working exactly as it should (bull!). This machine has ruined hundreds of euro worth of clothes, caused me nothing but stress and frustration. And Samsung have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it!!  It’s a disgrace to sell a machine that actually damages your clothes and for Samsung to do nothing about it. Never ever will I buy another Samsung product again. Also I am stuck with this bloody TERRIBLE machine because i spent so much in it in the first place. Samsung, you are a disgrace !!!!!! 


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This is also happening to me. Not sure exact model of Washing machine but holes in all my t-shirts/ shirts. It seems specific to these types of garments


Its also always the "front" side of them too. like the water is forced down in the garment to that area on spins and then its getting caught in the drum holes.


I'm scared to put new clothes I've bought in the wash because I dread taking them out to find holes. I'm getting a load of washing "nets" to try to help but any suggestions would be welcome.





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