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Samsung RS21NCMS Full Handle

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Hi all,


Been trying for a week now to find a replacement full height handle for this fridge freezer  but no luck.Had some places that have some bits but says middle sections obselete.Does anyone know if the parts are interchangable with other freezers as i am getting no where and need the full handle replacing.Anyone please help???

KellyM Moderator

Hi @Jonbhoy,


Have you browsed our authorised parts website? Take a look here. If you're unable to find the part you are looking for, you can fill out a part enquiry form.



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Hi Kelly,


yes seems the top and bottom parts are available but not the middle. 


Its a bit confusing as we need the whole handle but seems instead of just ordering it complete we need to buy lots of covers,inners and connectors and when end parts are available but not the middle it gets very tricky.Dont want to have to buy a whole new fridge just because the handles snapped :-(





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Sadly tried authorised list and got nowhere and tried using the part enquiry form and got no reply at all from that! This is silly,just want a handle for the fridge and seems its harder to find than Lord Lucan.Is there anyone at Samsung that can actually help or do i have to throw out a perfectly good fridge freezer because you cant get a handle from the manufacturer?

TracyR Moderator

Thanks for the update @Jonbhoy


You may want to give Samsung Support a call on 03307267864, and select the option for Home Appliance support.



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