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Samsung Fridge ice maker never worked - Model: RS25H5111SR

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My Fridge ice maker has never worked. My friend bought me a fridge and lost the receipt. I have had it for 2 years with no working ice maker. Settings are all good. no child locks or ice off. It has never filled the ice maker. Water dispenser works fine. I have checked the wiring is attached up top. I have tried to re set. if I pour water into trays it works fine. I go to the orange water line below and it has never had water in it (not frozen). I have the valve open all the way. Water pressure is good. I dont know what is going on. Was a floor model. It was in demo mode when I bought it. But I fixed that right away.  So I dont know what Im missing here. But since brand new Ice maker has never worked. Went through plenty of filters. Any help would be awesome!



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Model: RS25H5111SR/AA

CarlH Moderator

Hi @Shawnc244. This appears to be a US model and as such, I'd recommend contacting Samsung in your region using this link. Hope you get it sorted! 

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