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Samsung Fridge Freezer Fault

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I have a Samsung fridge freezer that has a strange fault. Every now and then the bottom section which is the freezer will go off and almost blow warm air, resulting in losing all of the food inside. The top fridge part stays working fine. If i switch the unit off and on again it usually rectifies the problem for a period of time until it happens again. 


Does anyone have any ideas why this might happen?



That is very strange and upsetting I am sure, can you supply the model number? You can find it in the fridge section on the left side wall and starts with the letter R*****

For an immediate response I would recommend you contact the customer experience team by phone or live chat
UK: 0330 7267864
ROI: 0818 717 100

As long as the door is being kept closed (not overloaded with food stopping the door from closing) there should be no reason for the freezer to defrost.

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