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Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine Power Issue wf70f5e2w2x

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I have  a strange power problem with my washing machine? Its a samsung ecobubble wf70f5e2w2x  


It works fine until the end of wash, after you get the nice tune and it powersdown, it all of a sudden now wont power back up? 

I have to switch it off at the wall and then wait 2 minuits and it will power on again (sometimes i have to do this a coup e of times) then it works fine until it powers down again and i repeat the process again. 


Is it a Board issue? if so where can i get the part to buy and swap over? or is it a power issue somewhere? 

I have opened it up to check its not damp in their or anything but all seems fine. I havent done any electrical test etc as thats beyond me...


Any throughts please would be appreciated...

Many thanks in advanced 

ChrisM Moderator



Are you still having this issue with your Washing Machine or did you manage to get it sorted?

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