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Samsung ECO Bubble WW80J6410CX Problem!!


hi guys



i have the above washing machine and its now devolping a fault where 


it starts the cycle begins to fill then goes to turn the drum and it judders and then stops and fills again then judders trying the opposit way of rotation


i have to power it off and on again to get it to even begin the cycle 


and it then washes keeps going for about 20 mins and stops and does it all again.



any idea's what i can try guys to resolve this issue ?







Samsung ECO Bubble WW80J6410CX
TracyR Moderator

Hey @jasonboy122


Are you getting any error codes on your display? 

Does it happen on all cycles?

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Hi there



thanks for the reply


no error codes at all it’s as if the cycle cancels out after a few unsuccessful attempts at washing.



its doing it on all programs no matter what I try



from what ive read it’s a known fault with the PCB as it’s got bad solder joints or faulty parts.



any help is appreciated thanks



Samsung ECO Bubble WW80J6410CX
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