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Samsung Dryer DV50K8600E Can't change heat settings on timed dry?

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We have the DV50K8600E 7KG dryer and for most things, it has been pretty good, but there does not seem to be any way to change the heat settings on the timed dry cycle.


An example would be, I have washed a down jacket and if I put it on a sensor dry, it tells me it is dry after about 30 mins but there are still clumps of wet down in the jacket.  So to save keep stop starting, I tried the timed dry cycle, but was amazed to see that there is no heat adjustment setting at all!  It doesn't even say what heat it will be on, on the display.


I've gone through all the cycles and none of them seem to let me use the timer and a warm tumble at the same time.


Is there a way to do this, please?  And if not, why not?  



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