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Samsung BQ1VD6T131 oven turns off

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Hi - we have a Samsung dual cook electric steam oven that has been working well for a while. Recently, it seems to be randomly turning off while the oven is on - the image on the left of the display (that usually shows what cooking setting is being used) flashes. 


Is this a known issue with an easy remedy?

AndrewL Moderator
Hi @LS11

What mode/settings are you in when the oven switches off? Can you describe the flashing image that shows on the display when this occurs? I would recommend checking to ensure that you have not accidentally selected an 'End Time' when using the oven as this may be the cause of the issue. To help you I have included a link to the User Manual on the Samsung Support Site:
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Mine does this too. Tends to happen more when I’m cooking at a higher temperature. Haven’t figured it out yet. It’s definitely not the oven timer. All the display lights turn on, then they all shut off, then it flashes 12:00 and the oven is off. 

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