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Just had the engineer out to look at my Ecobubble and it’s the PCB.

He said that ALL PCBs on this model of machine will eventually fail, its just a matter of time, nice.

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I had exactly the same on my machine.


3.5 years old - 2 weeks in washer-hell continuously re-starting a stopping washing machine. Nothing wrong with it - apart from what everyone else here are reporting.


The guy at Samsung (in Denmark) was pretty open in saying that yes - it's a known problem - and no - it won't make sense to get it fixed. EUR 150 just to get the repair man out - EUR 100 per hour - and parts on top of that. My GOD Samsung - don't you have any shame in life?


It's an expensive way to learn never to buy appliances from you again. But then again - that's how we learn. Zero responsibility assumed. Just leave it to the consumers. Went with a German brand instead this time - let's see if that can restore faith in consumer electronics companies. Appalling...

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Hi Phil1972, Samsung,


Identical issue here.  2yr 6 months since purchase

Agreed it looks like a common problem.


Did you come to a resolution?

Nothing from Samsung yet, had to pay for a fixed price repair from Currys £119. Good value considering the PCB is 150 without labour. I recommend Miele or Bosch next time.

Just had a 20 minute phonecall about how nice it was for them to offer a chargeable repair (about £280). 

If you’re in the UK go for the Currys fixed price repair at £119.00 because Samsung don’t give a sh&t.

My machine works perfectly, for now, with its new PCB. 

I wouldn’t buy a bog brush made by Samsung after this. 


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Isn't it just great how everyone here - on Samsung's forum - are raging over how incompetent and arrogant Samsung's customer service is. And Samsung doesn't even care to respond? What a horrible company

In the uk, there is the Consumer rights act.  Write to your retailer stating that the goods are faulty under the act.


We got a partial refund from Curry's.


We argued with Samsung that I had registered the warranty for 5 years.  Which they disputed.


I sent them an email if the warranty registration email.


Quick smart our machine was repaired.  The Samsung service agent said it was the 10th board he had replaced in 3 days because it is a known fault.


Catch here is if you didn't register for the extended warranty you are out of luck I think.





I absolutely agree.  I argued with them that we registered with the serial number.  They flatly refused to do anything until by mistake soon after I found a printed copy of the email they were reluctant but eventually fixed it.


I would never buy another Samsung product.



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Same issue here after 2 years and 5 months. Here in the Netherlands Samsung then offers a repair and will cover costs above 200 Euros. So it will cost that as the board alone is almost that price already. I think I am going to resolder the board myself.


Anway, what should be done is to let the rest of the world know how great the quality of Samsung washing machines is. Via Youtube, social media and see if they start caring when sales are dropping.


We have exactly the same issue, we had the machine replaced within the first 4 weeks due to a different issue, the replacement machine has been playing up for a while pausing in mid cycle, we contacted Samsung who have told us that we didnt register for the 5year warrenty, we done this over the phone as the website wouldnt allow us to register it but Samsung are saying that they have no record of this, Samsung will not cover this fault on our machine now, we went to Currys and they want £100 Labour plus parts, time for watchdog to get involved i think.

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