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Glad I found this thread as I was having a similar issue when my mrs started complaininga couuple says ago saying ‘your fancy expensive machine keeps freezing between washes’

I thought to my self, another 600 quid down the drain.

Initially a year ago I had an issue with a door switch, and fortunately had a spare., so I swapped that out last night. Tested again, same thing, started and then paused and no joy.

Then I found this thread n hour ago, praise the lord.

So decided to get the manual out and run through the default Samsung calibration to clear any memory

Powered on, and entered into CLB mode and proceeded to sit and watch to see what was gonna happen.

Gggrrrrhhh nothing..

I could see the drum attempting to move and then appearing to Jam.

Mmmm I thought..

So I stopped the CLB, opened the door and stuck my hand in and tried to move it by hand, like a kid as you do , and then I noticed it was propa PROPA stiff and was just refusing to rotate.

Well I thought, if the drum is f...d then I’m just gonna force it around with force and see what happens. Eventually after applying some brute force, I managed to get it to turn slowly and then gradually I started to move it clockwise and anti clockwise, for about 3-4minutes and I was just listening for the sake of listening to the rotation and to also feel if I could feel anything catching.

Eventually it started to kinda free up and I basically just kept spinning and spinning until I noticed it feeling kinda free.

So I ran the machine in calibration mode again and the drum then turned and rotated both clockwise and anti clockwise for the 3minutes. The CLB mode then completed successfully.

Keen to get testg again, I then proceeded to squeeze out the water from my kids clothes sat in the sink from the previous Jon that kept freezing up (to free up any excess weight) and then I reloaded the machine again, bit by bit , and then I ran the Rinse and Spin.

So far I can say I am into my 3rd rinse and spin (max speed 1400rpm) and all seems ok, fingers cross.

I’ll keep you all posted.

Ps. Tip 1
Stick ya hand in the washer and see if the drum is free to move.

Ps Tip 2
Run CLB mode

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I hope the above helps in assisting anyone with their problem. Sounds a bit harsh but so far it seems to be working
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I made a YouTube video explaining how to do a repair yourself. Not too hard if you have a soldering iron and a screwdriver. Would recommend everybody in this situation to try it, because at this point, what do you have to lose?

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hi all just an update - i managed to get the top of my washer - it was just stuck; and PCB board replaced and machine working fine for over a week now

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Exactly same issues for us.  Stops mid cycle with the drum going back and forth, then stopping completely.  Just over 3 years old, and Samsung helpline not having any of it.. So thought I'd try the  fix, better than £160 for new PCB.  Took about 2hrs in total, pretty easy and just finished our first wash, so appears to have worked!  No thanks to Samsung.  Thanks clercger!!  


I have the Ecobubble 7kg and it is doing the same thing it's stopped part way through the program full of water and I have to stop it and knock it off and started again


@ JMS1


Did you fit the PCB yourself or did an engineer fit it for you? If so how much did it cost for the engineer+ fitting??


It is the original the one that was in the machine when we bought it


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Hi guys/gals  sorry to bug everyone 

i have similar issues with my ecobubble wd906u4sagd

Based in london bought October 2014


It stops mid wash or after 10-15 mins on daily wash or quick wash it will be 5 mins with 5e code,


i have followed instructions for 5e code gone on Samsung site YouTube and again problem happens again after few washes I switch it off 40 mins again it will work and then Happens again .. I also did the calibration test worked fine , drying mode works fine too..  then again happens 



Samsung say that I have 2 Warranty and the 5 year warranty was online promo which you had to fill online  , I remember the card saying fill out for 5 year but they keep saying that was a 2 years only and 5 years was online? They gave me number of 3rd party which the call out is 80+vat he said it could be the drain pump? 

Reading on here people saying the mottber board aka pcb


Any help would be amazing 


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