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My machine is one of the new quickdrives and it’s started doing it after just 30 days. Luckily I have it under 100 day approval and I think i’ll Be excercising my rights.  It just does feel like a £1600 machine

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Same problem here.
We bought our Ecobubble in Dec 2014 ( Now 3 years old since 6.Dec 2017).
So I called repairman and without even coming to check, he said it must be the heather element. It wasnt, then he changed the computer in it, still had problems. Now yesterday, it cave up.
Already have been i contact with the store that sold us this washer and they say we have no warranty on it anymore and we have to buy a new one. FML
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I am afraid I have the exact same issue and live in France too. I would hence very much like to know to which email I can send an email to try to get this fixed. Please can you share the email address to use in France?


I am exactly in same situation. 

My washing machine began to have problems, just 2-3 weeks, after two years, when the warranty ran out. I don't know what to say.

The funny thing is the following:

We bought 2 things: A washing machine and a dryer. Both of them began having problems, exactly at the same time, just 1-3 weeks after two years. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? They have no connection to eachother. What is the chance, that two diff appliances break at exactly the same time? (Could they have a secret timer? ).  I am not suggesting anything, I just thing that it's crazy, that they both break at exactly same time.

They were pretty expensive, and I also thought that they would last longer than 2 years.


HI Jw77,


I am having the same problem with my Samsung machine, it is the same model as your one. I was wondering if you could talk me through how you went about replacing your PCB.

E.g where you bought it?

how to replace the PCB on the machine?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Taz11,


My machine is an 8kg, model number WF80F5E5U4W/EU.

I managed to source a replacement PCB control for my washing machine from, it did cost £150 + a couple of pounds for next day delivery. It took me 10mins to change, all you need is a 'phillips' screwdriver to remove the 2 screws on the rear of the washer lid and the PCB is visible to the front right of the washer, remove the wires (which are plugged), 4 screws hold the board in place and fit the new one, very easy.

This was done back in September 2017 and still working without issue.

I hope this helps.


I've posted on here before with the same problem.

The engineer replaced the PCB-when he tested the machine on a wash the problem was still there. He came back and replaced the motor which fixed the problem.

He also said that when he tested them neither component showed a fault.


Good luck in getting it sorted.


Same issue here in Australia. I have 10kg Washung Machine Bubble Wash VRTPlus (WW10H8430EW) and its stopping a stadard 1hr 7 min wash around the 50 min mark. When I'm lucky, pausing then unpausing will get it working after 3-4 attempts.

Not acceptable though. 2years and 8 mths after purchase and it looks like a very common problem.

What can I do Samsung?


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I have purchased a new PCB to fit but cant seem to get the top of my wahing machine. It is a WF90F5E304W. I have removed the 2 screws at the back and removed the detergent drawer but it seems stuck at the front. I have tried to slide it from the back but it is still stuck. I have looked on Utube but they all seem to slide out. I am in UK. Any advice greatly appreciated.






I'm sure mine just slid out after removing the two screws, I don't recall having to remove the draw either. 2 screws and off the lid came. Are you getting any movement on the lid or is it stuck fast?

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