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We have exactly the same problem.


Our machine is just over 2 years old.


Samsung will not honour the warranty because our first machine was registered but replaced with a week so we didn't register replacement machine (assuming warranty would transfer).


Nearly £500 for a dud machine.  Not happy with Samsung at the moment.


did u speak direct to them or shop u bought it..i was told they were extending 2 year warranty to 5 years because of  problem...i took no extra cover at all..mine just over 2 yrs..

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I have had my machine for less than 2 months yet alone 1 year and I have already had this issue. I bought my machine from since it was on sale and turns out it's not as good as the ratings said it was, therefore it has made me really fustrasted since I was mid way through washing my clothes. I hope Samsung can reply to me asap and help fix there products, it would be much appreciated. Thx Bga 



This thread maybe old but the problem you are all describing is still happening! This current machine replaced a previous model of Samsung which expired after 2 years (It's drum bearings went) Samsung were then good enough to refund all monies which we used to buy another albeit better model of Samsung (or so we thought!)

This after 3 years developed the same fault, (we extended the warranty to 5 years) so the service engineer who came basically rebuilt our machine by installing a new tub and drum, all seemed fine for a couple of weeks. It then stopped working all together no matter what buttons were pushed or even disconnecting from the mains supply, it still refused to work. After explaning this all over again to their call centre operatives (somewhere in the Philippines) we again got an engineer out who immediately replaced the Main PCB, this cured the fault.  3 weeks later (2 days before Christmas!!) we now have a machine that does not complete wash cycles and is as much use as a chocolate fire guard!   So because of the worldwide Christmas holiday period, we potentially will have no facility for washing our clothes until sometime in January!!

After the second attempt at fixing I formally asked for a full refund. They did tell me they would not consider this option until they had had 3 goes at fixing it, well they have now had this oppertunity and it's still NOT working, and by reading all the threads on this issue I am not alone.  Samsung must be aware of the issue?

So to reitterate after our experience of 2 machines from Samsung, please STAY AWAY do not consider buying one.


I've had exact same problem for about 4 weeks. Machine about two and half yrs old. Hardly used as I'm only person in house, programme stops,  thinks about whether it will continue or not, then sits doing nothing at all. I have to switch it off, leave for at least 4hrs then spin and rinse. Odd though, if the loads is a large one on hottest setting, it works fine. Seems to be linked, as someone else sort of suggested, to vibration. Smaller loads vibrate more. I'll contact Samsung by phone next week, but where I live (remote/rural) unlikely to get an engineer unless they have a reindeer and sledge! Pleased I found this site though, or I might have resorted to ditching this £500 odd machine altogether.  

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Thank you all for your comments. I was looking for reviews before buying  a new machine and was considering a  Samsung precisely because it has an offer with a 5 year guarantee. However I have now read enough reviews to now buy ANY machine other than a Samsung. Hope you all get succesful resolutions to your problems and thank you so much for posting.

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I have the same problem. Very disappointed as it was expensive nearly 3 years ago. From service centre they say that if it is motor problem they will pay for the motor but I still have to pay for the work.

I will ask if they can extend my woranty as well if not I need new washing machine and stay far from Samsung. 


I have recently had the same experience. Machine is two and a half years old. I registered it online but am told it only has a 2 year warranty, I'm certain that the warranty is actually 5 years but I never had an email from Samsung confirming my registration-although the machine appears on my account page.


This is the model I have. Same machine, same problems.

Samsung are unhelpful telling me the warranty has expired but I'm certain I registered for the 5 year warranty.

No confirmation email of this but the product and date of registration appears on my account.

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Hi Yvonne: I saw your message threads regarding the Ecobubble washing machine on this Community site.  We too have experienced similar problems with the machine pausing mid-cycle.  Could you please tell me who confirmed that the warranty has been extended from 2 to 5 years?  Which country's customer support did you work with (Samsung UK)?  I am hoping to have Samsung understand that this is a common problem before committing to having a technician visit my home.  Thanks for your help! -Garth

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