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Hi there I have the same problem with the machine just stopping no rhyme or reason and it's driving me mad!  is your machine ok now? 




Unfortunately not, Samsung are refusing to repair, I'm going to see if I can source the control board and replace it myself. If not I will purchase a better quality machine. Never a Samsung again.


Hi Sam226,


I managed to source a replacement PCB control for my washing machine from, it did cost £150 + a couple of pounds for next day delivery. It took me 10mins to change it yesterday morning, all you need is a 'phillips' screwdriver to remove the 2 screws on the rear of the washer lid and the PCB is visible to the front right of the washer, remove the wires (which are plugged), 4 screws hold the board in place and fit the new one, very easy.


Obviously if your machine is under warranty make Samsung repair it for free, but I have read it will cost you £270 for a Samsung engineer to repair should your warranty have expired.


I took the chance that it was the PCB at fault on my machine, however having read many forums it was the most likely culprit, I carried out 3 full load washes yesterday and it worked a treat, it has even started doing the load measuring thingy when you start the wash (time on digital display spins around then remaining time appears), this stopped happening at the same time as the issues began. 


I will give the machine a couple of weeks and post again to let you know how it is holding up.


Like I said try Samsung first, I got no help but you might have more luck.


Happy washing!!

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Hi all


I've also had the same pausing problem and the guarantee ran out in June.  

I first phoned the repair support for my local area who were completely unhelpful.


I then phoned Samsung customer service in Paris (we're in France) expecting to be left hanging for ages but the call was answered almost immediately by a very well trained customer support person.  They took all my details including mobile phone, all the details of the machine, sympathised with the problem, made several suggestions (all of which I'd already tried) and at the very end said there was nothing that could be done as the machine was out of warrenty! 


I asked for the name and number of a complaints manager but was only given an email address - which I expected would disappear into the ether.  However, after sending a bried email containing the links to several forum discussions such as this one I was impressed to receive a call within 7 days from the repair company asking when they could come and fix the machine.


The board was replaced and the repair man said that the old boards were not adequately protected against the vibrations of the machine.  Newer boards are more robust - so make sure if you're buying a new board that it is a new model!


We are very pleased with the service from Samsung France.

It's worth persevering for a response.

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This is great news - thanks so much for your post.


I have to keep recalibrating my machine and it then runs fine for a couple of washes. I have heard nothing back from Samsung at all. 


Does anyone have any direct contact details of someone willing to help here in the U.K?! 


The issue here is that Samsung know they have a problem with this board but continue to refuse to repair it when it is out of warrenty. They should say we are aware of the issue and will send someone out to fix it. We should not have to fight for this right, it is the inherent responsibility of a Company like Samsung to hold their hands up and say we fitted a dodgy board we will recify it. There will be hundreds of others with the same problem. This does not paint Samsung in a good light.

How did u fix this



I replaced the board myself, working great since I did.

Have a look at my thread for this problem and I have described how to replace early, let me know if you can't see it and I'll copy and past.


Hope this helps.

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This is EXACTLY the same problem we're having with our WF80F5E5U4W.


It's an absolute pain.  Some programmes work fine, others (the most used ones!) keep stopping at exactly the same point and do that little jerk of the drum before just giving up and stopping without so much as an error etc.

The water supply is fine, the drain is fine and I'm pretty sure the heater is fine too.  So what is it doing?


Our machine is just over 3 years old and we're very disappointed with it, after what had been a very good run at first.


Makes you wonder about buying Samsung products again.




If your product is still under warranty then I would get Samsung to repair it, it will be the main PCB. I got nowhere with my warranty so replaced the PCB myself, very easy to do although a little expensive for the PCB (£160ish).

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