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Do you have warranty still?

Hopefully you got the 5 year warranty deal.

Go samsung online chat, refer them to this thread 

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I had this problem too. I discovered that the power socket, which was old, had developed a poor connection with the live pin of the plug, and was in the process of burning out. I imagine that this made the electrical supply unstable which interfered with the machine's processor, causing erratic operation. I replaced the power socket and the machine's plug and the problem has gone.   

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Same happening with my 9kg Samsung washing machine.
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I’ve tried ordering the pcb from this site but it doesn’t recognise my model number for some reason???

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I just bought the wobble samsung machine today, but it keep on stopping while washing. Can you please help as I am thinking of taking it back to the shop.




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It needs a replacement circuit board, contact samsung and they will send an engineer with a replacement board. You can contact support via online chat. That's what I did

hi guys i also have this problem with the following Samsung Eco Bubble WW80J6410CX 


its just over 2 years old and its now having issues on every program even just a spin where the drum judders and it clicks and continues to do this before canceling the program out


do you guys think its the same issue with the PCB ?



Samsung ECO Bubble WW80J6410CX
same thing happen to mines ! but they keep saying a didn't register my warrantly its only 3 years old . did they send someone out to you or did you have to pay
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yes, they sent an engineer two days after i contacted them, the machine was less than a week old.

Ask a couple of questions and then simply changed the curcuit board.

He said he weird, some machines are good, yet some have the problem, He also said he has one, and hasn't had any issues with his.


hi there.



despite me registering for the extra 3 years warranty on my appliance they wasnt interested and i had to get my home insurance to repair the machine.



i would never recomend a samsung again 


and my machine is 2 years old.



which seems to be when they start going wrong as a rule.


and samsung addmitted they was aware of the fault


what a joke.

Samsung ECO Bubble WW80J6410CX
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