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I've happily resolved the issue at my end.


RESOLUTION: I called Samsung Australia and their local service rep came and replaced the control board free of charge.  I only needed to show my proof of purchase.


BACKGROUND: Washer was 2year 5 months old and was failing to move onto the spin properly.  The drum would repeatedly jerk and stop before giving up.  Occasional cycles would work however.  Reading around the forums suggested a control board fault - most likely on the feedback path from the motor hall effect sensor.  There is a new revision of the control board that seems to have solved the problem.


Some people have reported success ensuring the control board is kept cool.  Turn the machine off at the power point until it's required.  It's winter here and I left the external door to the laundry open.  The next cycle ran succesfully.  Others have used a fan blowing across to board until they've been able to arrange a permanent repair.


If you're unable to get warranty support from Samsung...
1. Ask them more firmly - it's marketed,  priced and sold as a premium machine
2. Replacing the control board is trivial.  Order one online, or from a local service store.  All you need is a screwdriver.  You can save yourself a service call out charge.


I have a Samsung Eco Bubble WF70F5E2W4W that for the past couple of months has been freezing either a couple of minutes into the wash or half way through the wash. Have recalibrated the machine lots of times, works on one programme some of the time, doesn't spin half the time, which means I have to recalibrate it again. Have unplugged it from the mains, the filter is clear, tried everything but to no avail. This machine was bought April 2015 so I would have thought it would have lasted longer than 3 years. Has anyone had any experience with getting the problem, which I'm surmising is the mother board, fixed for nothing out of warranty. Samsung should stick to phone's & engineering components!!!

Sorry to hear that you’ve had the misfortune of owning a Samsung Washer. These machines obviously have a planned obsolescence built into them of 3-4 years judging by all the comments. Samsung and Currys both have horrendous after care, I wouldn’t touch either with a very long stick. My Ecobubble boasts a 10 year motor warranty.  However the PCB, which isn’t fit for purpose, will render itself useless long before that.

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Mine is nearly 4 years old and the same has just started happening. What are Samsung doing about it? Sorry you haven’t been able to resolve it to where you have a working washing machine! They ain’t cheap either are they! 

By the looks of things Samsung won't admit there's a problem. I'm going to try & contact Samsung & if they don't offer to repair it for free, I'll be threatening them with watchdog. Apparently the American version of these washers but top loaders have the same problems.
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This probably won’t help you, but yesterday my machine was awful. 3 hours to do the 1hr 02 daily wash spin. Constantly stopping, & the  pausing & re-starting by me. I posted on your link & Googled everything which pointed to a major problem. I Did the Samsung live chat which I thought was pretty useless. However, one thing they said was to check the machine wasnt even slightly moving when pushed. Mine wasn’t really, but as we have wooden floors and small joists, I have a wedge of brown cardboard shoved in between the work surface & the washing machine. When I got off the call, I made sure the machine couldn’t move even slightly by wedging even more cardboard into the gap and hey presto! - 3 loads done with no pausing at all today! It’s too soon to say it’s fixed, it probably doesn’t apply to your machine, but for now, I have a working washing machine. At least it’s a cheap thing for you to try. Just thought I’d mention it. 


That’s a miracle! One of the helpline’s suggestions was to change the fuse in the plug lol. The PCB isn’t sufficiently protected from heat generated by the machine. The faults appear after the machines have been on for around an hour. The hot weather has made the problem worse. The PCB will slowly deteriorate but in its early stages of failure letting the machine cool for 2 hours will sometimes allow a complete wash.

Change the fuse???? You couldn't make that up!
Aye mate I'll just grab my handy soldering iron and rotating cutter that I keep in the house and spend 5 hours of my weekend ballsing this up.. or ye know just get a professional in to do it.

Hello clercqer,
Thank you for your video. I actually saw your video a few months ago, (when u posted it), but I was afraid and didn't have time to do like you did. I also actually had to buy a soldering iron. (but forgot I had to use a cutting tool .. )
So I thought, today is the day. I opened the machine, removed the top, and released the motherboard.
Better to post a video I just made to show you what I did, because I didn't have a cutting tool to cut the back side of the motherboard housing.
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I am really wondering if this is gonna save me 150£.
Thanks for now.
A bit later:
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I can tell you guys, that I followed the method descibed by:
clercqer - New Member on page 7
I solded most of the nods, and now the washing machine works perfectly. I have tested it for the last days, and not a single stop. I also noticed some of the connections, were not even soldered at all.
To come to a conclusion: I can say, that the fault was in the motherboard. After re-soldering more than half of the nods, the motherboard/washing machine works perfectly. Conclusion: -> Bad motherboard, which was not able to hold to the vibrations of the machine. In my opinion, Samsung should pay for this, even if the 2 years guarantee is over. The customer has no way of being guilty in this, since the motherboard was badly made from the beginning.
PS: my videos from dropbox were removed, with no further explanation, beside they wanted to protect my data. That makes no sense, since dropbox already has handeled this issue, when I distribute public links. (just look on next page). So I asked for further explanation, but NOTHING. I guess they want me to upload to youtube, so they know my true identity... ;-) Welcome to NSA ! :-)

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