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Well I gues there is no way around it then - will call Samsung tomorrow ... otherwise make video of the fix on youtube 


Yes a demanded my machine to get fixed & they did fix it don’t give up 


I have a ECOBUBBLE 7.0Kg which has an intermittent fault. I bought the machine with 5 yet warranty at Currys, but Samsung only recognise 3 year warranty. Rubbish customer services, really poor machine. I'll never buy another Samsung product, and I tell every one that is thinking about it - DONT BUY SAMSUNG!! All the independent service engineers advise not to go any where near an ECOBUBBLE. 


We have same problem in addition to the horrendous noise it makes when on spin cycle for a washing machine that was supposed to be one of the quietest. Samsung support non exisitent, one engineer came out who gave off a bit and then left. 

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Don't understand the post about Samsing don't recognise 5 year warranty, and ony recognise 3.


I have an email from Samsung confirming I have a 5 year warranty. You do have to register with them to get it, so perhaps thats where you went wrong.


Thank you for that. I did register.  when I went to claim for issues during my 4th year of ownership Samsung said they could not find me on their system.  Therefore I could not claim.  I have thrown the machine out I was so sick of the grief. 

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