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They said a didn’t register minds 


now see i had the same problem hence why i had to get my own house insurance to do the repair and yet



they sent an engineer from samsung


and he was youtubing how to get in to the service mode on the machine ??????


WTF >>>



(remind me never to go samsung for a washing machine again)

Samsung ECO Bubble WW80J6410CX

Mine was about 3 & half years old when it started going wrong & I complained very bitterly to Samsung, threatened to go public, ombudsman, the lot & they replaced the circuit board without question!! & Funnily enough the engineer that came to fix it said Samsung were the best machines out there. I for one will never be buying Samsung white goods again!!

Did u register you ? They said a haven’t

They done the same with me. I did register and they said i hadn't registered for the extended warrenty.

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@scrag68 wrote:

They done the same with me. I did register and they said i hadn't registered for the extended warrenty.

If you registered, then you should have received a confirmation email



Thank you for registering your Samsung product (WW80K5410UX) under our 5 YEAR WARRANTY!


now see i had registered mine for the extended warranty and guess what samsung still wanted nothing to do with my washing machine.



i can honestly say i am not happy about this at all.


its the 1st samsung washing machine and last one ill ever buy.



Samsung ECO Bubble WW80J6410CX

I get an email every time somebody else complains about this fault, I have had many emails!

As i've said before, every ecobubble in this range will fail, it's not if but when. The PCB will fail, a capacitor will start to slowly breakdown and then eventually give up. Then you'll phone Samsung and they'll treat you like *****. They know of this problem but their customers mean less than 0 to them. I'm certainly avoided this make in future.

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Hi all.


As per our Community Policy on Dangerous DIY/Unorthodox Repair Advice, I've done some surgery on this thread - without taking anything away from the sentiments expressed in it.


Just to make it very clear though:


Whether in or out of warranty, if advised troubleshooting doesn't work, we strongly advise contacting your local Samsung Support; and/or having your product inspected and repaired by an approved Samsung engineer or technician.


We at Samsung place the highest value on people's safety and well-being, above all else. We reckon that our Community should too.


 Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.


Shame you don't have such concerns for customer service on what is clearly a repetitive fault of your product. If you did they  would not have to seek alternative remedies to fix a problem that is clearly of your making and one you that you persistantly refuse to acknowledge!!!!!

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