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I decided to buy a replacement PCB board from fleabay. The board was advertised as brand new, the guy selling it had a number of samsung spares for sale and said he was a Samsung engineer. I fitted the board into my machine started a wash and hey ho guess what still the same issue, the machine would pause mid cycle. We cant do without a machine so we put the washer out for the scrap man (best place for it) and went out and purchased a new machine. No its not a Samsung. We have a number of Samsung devices round the house incl phones, tvs microwaves sound systems but from now on thats where we draw the line. Good Luck to all that's experiencing the same issue I hope you get it resolved. Shame on you Samsung for not supporting us with you inferior product.


I have the same problem with a german Samsung eco bubble machine (WF12F9E6P4W) that is just 3 years and one month old.

It stops in the middle of the program, without error and it doesn't want to centrifuge (stuck at 12 minutes).

Calibration will take an hour and the drum will not move.

I will be called by an engineer on monday, my guess is that he/she is going to offer to replace the PCB board, which i will be charged for.

I am thinking of having a talk with my lawyer, because a new PCB will not permanently solve this problem. 

Samsung has to recognize this problem and actually solve it by releasing an updated PCB and replace these faulty PCB's at no cost!





I have contacted the office of the president of Samsung UK, as our machine has faulted again for the 6th time this was after only 2 weeks after a new PCB had been fitted. (usual fault not completing wash programs)

I have requested that they make me an offer for it in it's present state as it is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

In the meantime I have purchased a BEKO WTB1041R2W machine @ 280.00GBP which gets rave reviews and is working great!

The guy who I bought it from in Curry's would have tried and sold me a Samsung if I hadn't already done my homework.  I put him straight on what I thought of Samsung washing machines!

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I have had an engineer out today to fix the same problem, my wash cycle gets no lower than 12 mins, he came and he changed the board,  he didn't wait around until it had finished a cycle  and its still doing exactly the same thing. I've tried to wash a load tonight and its still stopping mid wash.


It's still under warranty. Please can someone point me in the right direction if it's not the board. 

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Mine did also stop mid wash however it was not the PCB (yet).  When doing a calibration (see user's manual how to do this) an error code 8E was shown. The engineer who came to fix it identified this as a broken Mems sensor.  This is a sensor mounted on the tub that measures vibration of the tub.

Indeed one wire of the wiring loom that's attached to the sensor was physically broken. As a temporary fix while waiting for a replacement sensor I soldered the wire ends and success. No error 8E anymore and the programs finish correctly.

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We purchased an eco bubble machine on the 26/08/2018.

It was installed by Currys on the 13/092018.

Yesterday after about the 12th time using it, this fault has appeared.

Had to press the play button last night about a dozen times to get it to finish, again this morning my wife put more washing on using daily wash programme, machine stuck with 12 minutes to go, 6 pressses of play and we eventually get it down to 2 minutes.

Samsung sending engineer to look at it on Wednesday.


They even had the cheek to say if no fault found, or its found as being used incorrectly i'd be charged for it.

I'd like to see you try!

Send the bag of *****e back under 30day money back guarantee. Machine not fit for purpose. You will have nothing but trouble with it.
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Repair man been and gone.

He asked a few questions, and immediately ripped it out and replaced the circuit board.

I watched how he did this, and its not the same as the videos i've seen, its on the front of the machine, behind the control buttons.


He did say this is a known fault, but he also said he has an eco bubble machine (without the ad wash) and his hasn't caused any issues so far.


Time will tell I suppose

That's where my circuit board is and it was replaced and fingers crossed it's been okay but early days I guess. The guy who fixed my machine highly rated Samsung washing machines too and said that in view of the amount that are sold every year the amount of circuit boards that need to be replaced is a drop in the ocean. Personally I disagree, I didn't spend a fair bit of money on a top rated machine for it to malfunction after 3 years!
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Mine manfunctioned after 10 days.


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