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Rusty Freezer Door - help!

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I'm all new to this but struggling to find answers elsewhere so thought I'd try here...

My RSE8DZAS American Fridge Freezer is approaching ten years old but going strong. Annoyingly, where the water dispenser surround meets they metal door skin, rust has started to form. Internet search for new/secondhand Freezer door has drawn a blank so I have stripped out the dispenser as much as I am able to investigate further. The rust is pretty bad and I can't  see how I would get behind the back plate of the dispenser. I can't seem to be able to remove it from the front of the door and I have no idea if it is possible to separate the inner and outer door skins. If I could do that then the I'd stand a chance of solving the rust issue on the metal door skin from both inside and out, otherwise it's just going to continue. 

There is no water leak I can see, observation suggests moisture in air meeting cold from Freezer is causing the issue...


If there's anyone out there that has solved a similar issue I'd certainly appreciate some advice-

replace door


remove the inner section of water dispenser to get to both inner and outer rusted surfaces


strip door into inner and outer panels and make good the rust


sell kidney and buy new fridge that doesn't fit the gap-redesign kitchen around fridge...!


Thanks all



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