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Really poor warranty service for DV70F5E0HGW dryer.

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Hi all,


So I really have no idea what to do about my Samsung DV70F5E0HGW dryer.

It's about 4 years old now and the extended free 5 year warranty is due to expire in January of 2020.

In 2018 a fault cropped up, the dryer started making a high pitched and rather loud squealing noise whenever the drum was turning, it would do it on every cycle and even when the drum was turned by hand.

Had an engineer out within 4-5 days, said he knew exactly what the problem was and replaced the entire front LCD/Control panel and Fan

The problem persisted

I gave it a few months but the noise was just getting worse, so again another engineer came out, same guy, this time he replaced the motor itself, so problem solved......sadly not.

1 drying cycle later and I noticed the clothes were still wet, tried to run another cycle and noticed immediately the drum wasn't turning.

When the cycle is run you can heat the belt tapping against the side of the machine, so the belt has slipped off.

So yet another engineer call out.....and another, and another and another and another...

We've had 8 engineer callouts in less than a year, 2 for the squealing noise and 6 for the belt issue, we have another 7th visit due on the 26th.

An engineer will visit, reattach the belt and leave, it then falls off again after 1 or maybe 2 drying cycles.

Samsung won't replace the machine or actually offer a permanent fix, they just keep sending engineers out to reattach the belt.

Each time this happens, I notice an increase in the time the call is logged to when the engineer actually visits

I'm looking at 2-2.5 weeks now before an engineer will come out.


So in the last 3-4 months, I've had maybe 3 times I've been able to use my dryer and I have really no idea what to do about getting a resolution.


Hi @AdamPD . Doesn't sound good that. Happy to look into the case history at our end, and see if there's anything else that can be/is being done for you. If you'd like me to do this, just send me a PM with your customer reference number, name, and contact details.

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Thanks, I Sent a PM.



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