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RSH1DBBP1/XEU Fridge leaking water

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Hi all, The Samsung was already here when we brought the house three years ago. The fan was always noisy, and upon inspection  ( removing the panel ) I found the fan to be blocked up with ice. So over the past couple of years I have taken the panel out, let the Ice defrost and then replaced it. A couple of weeks ago we noticed a pool of water under the fridge, not much. We decided enough was enough and went looking for a replacement. So off we went on the search for another fridge/freezer the same size. That night I searched the WWW only to find a repair kit that claims to stop the Ice build-up and video on YouTube showing how to fit the kit. The kit comprises of a new frost sensor two spacers and a length of foam. The new sensor fits closer to the entry on the left hand side which was the area of most ice.

Here is my question the video at the end tells you to reset your defrost settings by holding two buttons for 17 seconds and waiting for the second sound. Then enter 13 using the fridge button and 3 using the freezer button. What do these setting mean as I still have a leak, but only very minor. Do I need to adjust these numbers. I have heard wafter dripping which I

assume is the fridge defrost cycle. Can someone explain what's happening.

Thanks in advance


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Hi @Rsv4dave.


There is a small guide on leaking water here.


Can you confirm which two buttons the video told you to push initially?







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Hi thanks for the reply, I pressed the freezer and the vacation together for 17 seconds

TracyR Moderator

Thanks for letting us know @Rsv4dave!


We're going to need to get our support team on this! You can contact them here, just let them know the model code and Serial Number when you call. :womanhappy:

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