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RSA1RTPN1/XEU Fridge/Freezer

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We just got back from holidays and it seems the freezer part of this unit has stopped working.

This unit is less than a year old!

I've just had to bin 4 large bags of unfrozen food (not happy).

All setting are correct 3 for fridge and -18 for freezer.

Any ideas?

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That's not the code I typed in. It is RSA1RTPN1/XEU

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I've changed the thread title for you, @imayger.


Can imagine you wouldn't be happy - not the best time of year for something like this to happen. :(


Presume you've had a quick check for stuff like if the freezer door  closes properly as well as the ventilation in and around the freezer compartment?


Also, have you contacted our Support team?


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