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Oven preheat function stuck on!

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I have a Samsung oven NV66H3523LS. It is less than 3 years old. The problem is the preheat function seems to be permanently switched on even though I have not selected it. In addition to this it will not allow me to heat the oven more than 140degrees (the preheat function should allow up to 180deg but that has become less than 140 now). No matter what element function I choose the oven will switch off if I select a temp higher than 140deg. The grill function works fine though. Can anybody please help me. It is very disappointing as I thought I was purchasing a quality product which would last at least 10 years!!

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @wig1.


Are you still having the same issues with your oven?

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Hi ChrisM - yes still same, looks like I will have to write the oven off as the samsung auuthorised repairer quoted min £185 (£40 call out and £145 min repair), so not economical.
My repair man said he could get a control board & fit for £130, still doesn't make sense & not entirely positive that that will solve long term! Wish they did not make these machines more complicated than necessary. I am very disappointed as thought it would last good 10 years - a lesson learnt avoid samsung products I think!
Thanks for following up though

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