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Only a-year-old and already not working

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I’m sure this is a waste of my time!! BUT  I guess if it stops one person from buying a Samsung washing machine then maybe it’s not a waste of time! We bought our frontload set a year ago last week my washer and my dryer quit!!!!! I called customer service and I was told that if I would just cut the drain hose off to 6 inches that my washer would be guaranteed to be fixed. So he would not start a ticket for the washer and moved onto the dryer. I was told someone would call me within 24 hours to schedule an appointment. Guess what no one ever called!! Five days later I called back. I was then told I would have to start over and get a new ticket for my washing machine in order to get a service repair person to call so.......I did that. I finally then got through to dish network to come fix my washer but that was short-lived because I was told that the warranty is only one year!!!!  Also dish network charges $100 to just diagnose what your problem is before they even start the repair !!!!! Please people don’t waste your time and money!!!!!  We will never buy another Samsung product ever !!!!!!

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Hi @Angry1.


We're sad to hear of the experience you've had with your washer drier. Where are you based? The warranty on all our Washing Machines is 24 month. Was the repair booked through our Support Team?

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