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New style door handles RS67N8210S9 can’t be removed

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F40DE4B8-E6A8-4D0F-B82D-68B36C76DAF9.jpegThe door handles didn’t fit onto the screws straight out of the box and now I can’t remove them.   Any advise on how to remove and refit? 


DannyT Moderator
Hey @Exact.

Did you follow the steps in the manual? You can check this on page 41:

This is generally something we'd need out engineers to look at for you.


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I have exactly the same issue... Is there no way to take the handle off without calling an engineer? Seems a pretty big flaw as the instructions are not very clear on how tight they need to be when you only get one go at it...

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Did you ever solve this problem? Is there a special trick to remove the handles?

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I managed to get it of with a small screwdriver. On the underside there is a hole that you can place it in and twist. It took about 100 attempts but worked in the end. Badly designed handle but the rest of it has been great to be fair. 

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Actually I already have tried that, but based on your reply I should try harder. Thanks for getting back to me on this subject! Will try again this evening and post my findings. :-) 

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