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Microwave MS23F301EAW/EU turning iteself on

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We have had this appliance for 2 years and last night fo no reason it started beeping and then running for about 5 seconds with no-one in the kitchen. 


Has anyone else had this issue?

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Hi @lanraider.


Odd one that! Has it happened again since then?


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Yes this is happening fairly regularly.


We are also finding that the dial for setting the time does not always change the display to the amount of timewe want to cook for and just flickers the clock display.


We now keep the unit unplugged until we need to use it as a safety precaution.

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I’m glad it is working now. I’m having the same problem with our Samsung Microwave MS23F301EAS and I called Samsung for assistance. 


Unfortunatley the warranty expired only 4 months  ago and they are unable to help unless I pay for An engineer, despite most of our appliances being Samsung. 


Has as anyone else managed to solve this themselves as I can’t afford an engineer money is very tight at the moment. 


Many thanks 


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