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Leaking around detergent drawer Samsung washing machine WW80M645OPW

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We have the above machine which is about 6weeks old and great except for a not insignificant but intermittent leak of water from around the detergent drawer on filling such that it forms a puddle on the floor and the undersurface of the machine where it has trickled down gets quite wet (causing us to worry about it rusting!)


There is no detergent build up (rarely use powder) and we have reduced the water inflow pressure but still happening (perhaps a little less) - I suspect it is a design fault of what is a rather shallow drawer compared to other machines. Has anyone else had this problem? If we can’t resolve it soon we will have to return it under their 100 day policy which applied when we bought it!




Hi there, no I’ve not experienced on mine, hope you get your issue sorted. 

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Hi it seems that I have the similar problem did you manage to have it fixed? Let me know thanks

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we reduced the water flow going in slightly and adjusted the legs so front slightly higher and no further problems

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