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Just purchased the above Microwave and on page 18 of the manual it states that the Auto Defrost feature works by pressing the P


Hi everyone,


Just purchased the above Microwave and on page 18 of the manual it states that the Auto Defrost feature works by pressing the Power Defrost button one or more times to select Meat, Poultyr of Fish.


My microwave doesn't select and just goes straight to weight.


This means the Power Defrost button serves no purpose.


Have spoken to Samsung telephone support twice but after put on hold many times whilst they speak to various experts they state the unit automatically selects whether the product is Meat, Poultry or Fish, which given the different densities of the products is a ridiculous statement.  This goes against the Manual Defrosting instructions on pages 27 & 28 which gives different times for meat etc with identical weights e.g 500g mince - 10-12 minutes; 500g chicken pieces - 14 and a half to 15 and a half minutes.


Any ideas, or is the machine going back for a refund?





KellyM Moderator

Hey @JB1350,


Can you provide the model code of the Microwave? We'll see if we have any details on this for you.


Hi Kelly,


My sincere apologies that the model did not show up on my original email.


I have purchased a MS23F301TAS.


Many thanks for looking into this for me.


Kind Regards



KellyM Moderator

Thanks! We've asked our experts to clarify this and will get back to you once we receive an update. 


What happens when you double or triple tap the Power Defrost button at the moment?

AntS Moderator

Hi @JB1350.


We've had a reply from our experts.


On this model, there's only one option for Power/Auto Defrost for any meat, fish or chicken, with variations depending on weight. It doesn't fully defrost on its own or take into account the varying standing time needed afterwards. For example, 200g of fish would need something like 10 minutes of standing time after the initial 4 minute "Defrost" running time; and a beef joint of the same weight would need 30 minutes.


However, there are other models where the Power Defrost setting takes all of it into account.


Might be worth speaking to the retailer to explore your options if this is a major feature for you. 


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Thanks AntS,


The manual, both on line and the supplied literature, is clearly wrong.


Thank you for your investigation.


I have returned the microwave to the retailer and received a refund.





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