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Issues with emergency drain hose

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Hi we found water in the drum of our eco bubble washing machine/dryer so we tried to do the emergency drain. We followed the instructions to pull the hose out from the front of the washing machine. However the hose will only come out about an inch so we cant pull it out enough to put it above a bowl/container to collect the water in. Any advice?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Ladylu505 


Does the hose appear to be stuck at all when trying to pull it out or are you not able to tell? Could we take the full model code of your Washing Machine please?

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Our problem is similar - after using the drain hose after a blockage and clearing, the hose fell back through the hole before I could put the cap back on! Is there an easy way to retrieve this otherwise can't use the machine! All suggestions received gratefully!

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Suggestion for designers - have a wide bit on the pipe to stop this happening (other than the cap you take off), as not expected!

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