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Is it possible to schedule properly a AR9500M air conditioner?


I bought a AR9500M Wind-Free, and I'm wondering how to schedule this air conditioner at night.
The only option that Smart Home app allows, is to turn on/off the conditioner.
I can neither schedule the temperature nor set the wind-free screen down, etc..
In other words, it wake me up instead of make me sleep well, since
my bed is simply hit by a cold air flow.
I'm very disappointed since I bought this model to use the Wind-Free feature at night.

TracyR Moderator

Hey @Tore


I'm not familiar with that model code as being sold in the UK, where are you based?


If you're in the UK I can hunt down someone who can provide you with the correct support, if you're based elsewhere, I'll do some digging to find someone who can help. Just let me know!



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Hi Tore,


I see see you have bought the AR9500M model which I am looking at to buy for our bedroom.


i am struggling to find a data sheet on this and wonder how your experience has gone overall.


i would be really interested to know what is the lowest room temperature that the machine can go down to Andy does itmaintain this temperature in wind free mode?


thanks for your help,




Hi Forester123.
The lowest temperature is 16° celsius. But don't think the Winfdree can suppress any air flow. My bed is 1.5 meters on the right from the conditioner, and 2 meters away, and even with Winfdree set on, it causes me headaches. In summer I have to sleep with a hat on my head. The scheduling system is terrible, I would not buy this conditioner again.

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