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I can not register product

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I bought an air conditioner and I'm trying to record the product on the samsung portal. When I insert the SN, recovered from the outside machine tells me it is not valid.

I also tried adding the serial year to the production year (2017) but it does not work.

If I do not register the product, is the warranty valid?

AntS Moderator

Hi @cirom. :smileyhappy:


Guessing you may have been trying to register it here. You can also register products on a MySamsung account too.


Warranty will definitely already be active though - and I'd advise keeping your proof of purchase somewhere safe... just in case. 


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Hey @cirom! Has this matter been resolved now? :robothappy:

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I can tell you it didn't work in June and I just found that it still does not work now, in August.

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