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Fridge filter recycling

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This is disgraceful this heavy 99% Plastic Item cannot be recycled because it is a sealed unit with a piece of fibre in it. it Costs around €50 twice per annum it should not be beyond the wit of Samsung to make it so the filter can be removed and the outer casing recycled or for them to subsidise a charity to break them up.


It is so disappointing that a progressive company like Samsung is opting to be so environmentally unaware for what can only be short-term and short-sighted financial reasons.

I also have several Samsung Aqua Pure Plus replacement refills that require recycling.

Samsung should realise that it is inevitable public opinion and statutory obligation will soon require them to introduce a solution to this issue, so the sooner they resolve it themselves, the less goodwill and consumer respect they will have lost.

A leader in appliance technology but are Samsung settling for being at the bottom of the environmentally aware table???

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Ended up on here when I was looking for a way to recycle my fridge cartridge and hey presto I'm not the only one who thinks Samsung should be a bit more responsible!

Come on Samsung, pull your finger out and get recycling!

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