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Fridge filter recycling

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Does anyone know where or how to recycle the water filter cartridges from the American style fridge freezers in the UK? I cant find anywhere and have about four cartridges now. Its so environmentally unfriendly to just put them into landfill. 

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I also have a Samsung Fridge Freezer with water/ice filter and now have two used cartridges that need to be disposed of.

I cannot,  as yet, find anywhere in the UK that take them. Shame on Samsung for having the attitude of "they can just go in with the general waste!" These would literally lie in landfill for eternity.


If anyone has any idea what to do with them -please let me know. I love my fridge/freezer but it never entered my head that the filters would not be recycleable.

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Hi @bordersgirl57 @geedy85.


We'll have a look into this for you. Could you send the model code of your fridge freezers please?

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Is there any update on where and how we can recycle water filters????? 

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Hi @Filter.


Have a look at this link giving FAQ on recycling Samsung products in general.

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Hi ChrisM (Samsung)- you have not answered the question- just brushed the question under the carpet!! Let me set the question out for you!!

FILTER TYPE: HAFIN2/EXP Internal Fridge Water Filter Cartridge 

Customers WANT to RECYCLE the plastic which the filter casing is made of rather than the filter going to landfil via the general garbage. Samsung RECOMMENDS that the filters are sent to landfill- I think that is a disgrace coming from Samsung. Plastic is a big problem all over the world, getting into the Oceans and food chain.

Samsung have a responsibility to manufacture disposable components (like filters) in a way that is easy for the consumer or customer to recycle them. Each fridge freezer uses two filters a year. That amounts to 10's of thousands in UK alone- across europe it will be MILLIONS of filters.


Thank You

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I agree. It’s disgraceful Samsung would recommend disposing of used water filters in a landfill. I would have never bought a Samsung fridge if I knew this!

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I am following up on my previous note posted a couple of months ago. Samsung have not even bothered to reply to my question of how they intend to deal with the fact that you cannot recycle the plastic water filters for their fridges. I feel this site is poorly managed by Samsung. What is needed is to get this non recycleable filter issue into the PRESS. Anyone with newspaper connections should pick this up and expose the harmful/wasteful actions Samsung are displaying- and they dont seem to care. There are millions of these water filters dumped into landfil or float in the oceans across the


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Hi all


The official statement from Samsung is as follows:


“We currently do not offer any recycling facilities for Water Filters, but have relayed your interest in this to the teams here at Samsung. Many large supermarkets have a water filter/battery/bag recycling station in their larger stores.”

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For my finished haf-cin/exp filter, I was able to "disassemble" the filter and recycle the majority of the plastic. Take a hammer, and bang on it a few times. I'm not joking. It'll crack and the cartridge inside will fall out as one piece. No mess. I landfilled the inner cartridge (fiber, carbon, some flimsy plastic) because there's nothing my municipal recycling (USA) can do with that, and dropped the very thick plastic casing into my recycling bin.




Many large supermarkets have a water filter/battery/bag recycling station in their larger stores. 

Here in the US, I've lived in Portland, Oregon and parts of California that are very serious about recycling, and I've visited most of the country. I've never seen or heard of any supermarket, of any size, anywhere, that has a water-filter recycling station. Maybe it's a thing in Europe supermarkets? But at least here there is no such thing, I'll assert. Virtually all of your filters are going in the landfill in this country.


It's a shame Samsung neither considers it important to manage the waste created by their products, nor designs these filters to be recycled by the consumer. The product lifecycle should be a closed loop, with customers able to ship them back to Samsung for free or drop them off at the retailer where they bought the refrigerator/the filter for them to get them back to Samsung, where they would be efficiently mined for material reuse. Whirlpool has a refrigerator water filter recycling program.


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