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Fridge Freezer unrepairable?

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I bought an American Fridge Freezer about 3 years ago (Model RSG5MUPB). It has stopped working and the repair man says that the compressor has failed and on this model, it cannot be replaced. Is this true? He also said that I should dispose of it and buy a new refrigerator!! Wow, a £1000 fridge has to be thrown away after 3 years??!! I think I have a case for it not lasting a reasonable length of time  in the sale of goods act? I woud appreciate some feedback...

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Hi @Superspur.


Was this an approved Samsung engineer? Have you been in touch with the Home Appliance team about this?


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He was an 'experienced' Samsung repairman. I have now contacted Samsung support who are sending an engineer next week, costing me £100 as the fridge is 9 months out of warranty!! Strangely, the fridge has started working again??

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5.5 yrs ago i bought an American Fridge Freezer model RSG5UCRS which develove a fault on freezing. Samsung refered me to a service partner in the manchester area. £93.60 for the call out only to be told that the coolant pipes which were internally had a leak and were not accessible and could not be repaired. spoke to there agent in the Philippines very poor telephone line and poor command of the english language  did not help. I was given the runaround and got nowhere. Spoke to the  service partner again and they do not have a number where to complain to, but would forward any email on to who they have contact with in the hope they would reply.

At present I have a fridge freezer in my kitchen which cost £1100.00 and ony given 5.5 years use.

Who do i turn to for help wit this

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